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skoal, but the two-p oi nt play failed. they were first and goal at the seven and fade to crabtree and incomplete. niners screaming pass interest ferns and do not -- pass interference and do not get the call. jon harbaugh beats jim in the har-bowl and baltimore hands the niners their first loss in six super bowls. >> i feel like i made too many mistakes for us to win. >> we had several opportunities in the game. we didn't play our best game. the ravens made a lot of plays. but our guys battled back to get back in it and competed and battled to win it. >> there is no greater competetor. 24r* is no greater coach -- there is no greater coach in the national football league or in the world as far as i'm concerned than in jim harbaugh. the way that team played proves it. what they have done the last two years in the national football league is unprecedented. they showed it today the way they battled back and fought
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until the end. that's who he is and that's who they are. i could not be more proud of him and what he has done there. >> i have been a joe flacco fan, but for him to come in and do what he done today and make some of the throws he made that's what we have always seen. we always said that when you win a championship, one man won't win a ring. it will be a complete team. today we won it as a complete team. >> the final score 34-31. >> the players were in shock afterwards. they know they had a great season. to come five yards away from their 6th super bowl title. the media was shocked because we have never covered a team that lost a super bowl. it was tough to come that close and then lose on the big stage jie. it was a wild game. 9er fans riding the wave of emotion, the rollercoaster back and forth.
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abc7 news reporter wayne freedman has more on the faithful. basically he is a joe flacco bomb away from us. wayne, take it away. >> hi, larry. the bigger the stage, the bigger the expectations. this is what is left of the superdome. the goalposts are gone. the fans are gone and the ground is colored with a color opposite than what fans hoped. at least the lights are shining. let's begin our report with what happened when the lights went out. where was meredith? >> the people in the super bombe say it was a breaker -- the superdome said it was a breaker. they cut the power and this was the scene in a half lit walkway as 49er fans interpreted the unseen sparks like tea leaves. >> anything symbolic? >> define intervention to reset and pull off the greatest come back in the history of the super bowl. >> it nearly was. if you watched the game or if
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you read faces and we need not say anything else, here is some reaction to the 49er fans to what was nearly the greatest come back in super bowl history. >> it was an awesome third quarter. >> the momentum was with us and not them. >> it was like two brothers in a fight in their backyard. the younger brother started pounding on him at the end. >> did you give up on him at anytime? >> never gave up. >> how about the third quarter? >> i never gave up. >> i think we have a great team and we had a great time. but i have indigestion and it will last for awhile. >> and now you are looking at the remanence on this football field. there were cannons that shot this confetti in the air. the cannons were loaded with the purple and the yellow and black and silver, but another that were loaded with red and gold and it never got to fire. we are left with this.
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the baltimore fans are happy and come pli men tree of the 49ers tonight. a nice bunch of people. somebody has to win. somebody has to lose. a lot of fans said there is next year. we are coming back. live from the super bowl, wayne freedman, abc news. >> thank you, wayne. the super bowl may be over, but the tweeting never ends. i want to show you a photo taken by our own katie marzulo of a couple of 9er fans with their vodoo doll. apparently it did not work, shu. >> it did not, it did not. we will continue to tweet from new orleans, and once we get back to san francisco continue to follow katie at katie at abc7. when we come back later in sports, extended highlights and we will really break down the last series for the 49ers and the interesting question that coach harbaugh asked shu as he left the podium.
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all of that is later in sports. dan and ama, back to you. >> larry shu, -- larry, shu, great stuff all week. thank you very much. super bowl officials say the power outage occurred when equipment detected something was wrong with the electrical system. you saw what happened. a load sensor detected a problem in the electrical system and it triggered a breaker which cut the power. so strange at the super bowl with all of those people watching around the world. superdome staff say back up generators kicked in immediately as designed. the investigation into exactly why that load sensor went off continues. for some 49er fans the blackout brought back memories of this, a power outage at a game at candlestick park. it went out twice during the monday night game against pittsburgh and a lot of people walking that night. and breaking news in baltimore where fans are mobbing the streets right now celebrating the raven super bowl victory. we have video from earlier and
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that is actually not that video. a large group were filling the streets cheering and high fiving complete strangers. they blocked traffic at times. police on horseback are circling the crowds and trying to maintain order. no reports of any major problems at this point. baltimore plans to hold a parade on tuesday in the team's honor. >> one of the areas we are watching in san francisco is in the mission district. lilian kim is there live tonight. a few arrests, but nothing more serious. is that right? >> that's right. a few flare ups, but nothing compared to what we saw after the world series. police were prepared at this time. they gathered at mission statement as they were going on. they were joined by sheriff deputies. they made 25 city wide for public drunkenness. there was also an incident of someone starting a fire at 16th and mission streets. officers quickly detained that person. and then police say there were situations of people throwing
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bottles at officers. sfpd quickly put a stop to that. >> we worked with the other city agent agencies and we are glad we were able to put our plan into place and make sure public safety is number one. unfortunately we did lose tonight and we want our fans to know that we are world class people with world class fans, and we want to show the world that we care about our city. >> the preliminary number is 25 arrests. they should be able to released the final numbers tomorrow or the day after. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian so much. and sky 7hd has been checking out the scenes across san francisco tonight. right now looking above the mission. >> we have been flying all over the city since the game ended just making sure we had our eye on any trouble spots. as you heard lilian say there were a few arrests. there were 25 for public drunkenness and there were fireworks going on, but nothing really thankfully more serious than that.
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there are more problems in baltimore right now where the fans are celebrating in the streets of that city and some getting out of hand. >> mission street is back to normal after being closed for several hours. abc7 news reporter job alston -- john alston is live where police swarmed the area. >> and right now it is back to normal. traffic and muni buses are back. there were many more police officers here than after the world series night. however, after a disappointing loss the fans were low key. san francisco police owned the streets through the mission district tonight. on motorcycles and on foot they provided a strong presence. not that anyone was in much of a mood to get out of control. for the most part it was subdued. >> it was sad. i am hoping next year. we got close last year. this year we made it and the next year we should be winning. >> they shutdown mission street for 10 blocks. there were about two dozen officers on stand by at 24th street. but they never had to spring into action. as a precaution, the garbage
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con intayers were empty of anything that could burn and it was more of an evening for reflection. >> it was nearly a humiliating game and i got an exciting game. that made it worth it. i am okay with the defeat. at least they tried and they fought back. >> as of 11:00 p.m. the foot officers are gone, but we are still seeing sporadic patrols. in san francisco, john alston, abc news. >> thanks very much. san jose is an interesting place to be for the 49er coverage. with the team in the process of moving to the south bay folks there have new reason to root for the home team, and they did this evening. sergio is live with that part of our coverage. sergio? >> reporter: dan, it is clear that the san jose fans cheered just about as loud as their san francisco counterparts. but check it out. downtown san jose tonight very quiet. of course as this game came to a close there are a lot of disappointed 49er fans who
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quietly went home. the fans got to watch a great game unfold. lots at the brittain yaw arms in downtown san jose and they had to hold their faces in disbelief during the first half of their game. when the lights came back on, this place was electric, especially as quarterback colin kaepernick ran the ball in for a touchdown. and for the rest of the game it was a screen set as the 49ers clawed their way back to within just a few points from a win. in the end these fans and the rest of the 49er faithful saw this game come to a disappointing conclusion. >> it was a really great game. we did have a chance and unfortunately we can accomplish a lot. >> i think we could have done better, but at least they showed what they can do. >> they are going to do good next year. they are going to the super bowl again.
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>> and of course having the faith is why they called them the 49ers faithful. the faith for a better season next year. the team will have one more season in san francisco to try to make a run for the super bowl. but then come the beginning of the season, 2014 is when the team will move down to a new stadium in santa clara, and they will be in the south bay. reporting live in san jose, sergio quintana, abc news. >> stay tuned for continuing coverage of the super bowl live from new orleans and the bay area. coming up, the music from the super bowl and how students from sandy hook, connecticut played a part. >> it was a nice day to be outside if you didn't want to watch the super bowl. >> it certainly was. leigh glaser is checking your forecast. >> yes it was a gorgeous day. but live doppler 7hd is starting to see a few signs of change. high and midlevel clouds is making its way from the north coast down toward the san francisco bay and novato over
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toward fairfield and american canyon and san francisco and even toward the fremont area is seeing some little bit of overcast. the temperatures are in the 30s. we will look at overnight lows plus our chances of seeing some rain this week. that's coming up. >> thank you, leigh. well, the super bowl half time show is getting rave reviews. beyonce brought fans to her feet and her performance brought a huge response to social media. >> and how california tax -- taxpayers are hipping former nfl players who suffered injuries on the field. >> and a deadly tour bus crash in southern california and the death toll is mounting. we'll explain what happened. >> and a hitchhike better a hatchet is a hero after
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records were set in the super bowl including at half time. >> one, two, three four. >> beyonce's half time show was a twitter sensation. it was one of the most hyped events of the game, and when she reunited with the former members of destiny's child the twitter verse blew up. twitter experienced about 270,000 related tweets per minute of half time. that is about six million in all. >> that's incredible. and she nailed it, and yes she sang live. >> yes, she did. when it comes to football injury is part of the game, but who pays for the injuries nfl players suffer over the course of their career? >> in someways it costs you the taxpayer some 3,000 nfl players who never played for a california-based team who have workers comp cases pending in the california courts. >> now a closer look.
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>> some call the nfl an industry based on hurt. jay wow did he get -- >> wow did he get hit. >> concussions are rampant and broken tail bones and shattered femurs and blown out knees. >> the nature of the game is very violent. every game results in injuries. >> this orange county attorney is a former nfl player himself. his firm represents a thousand retired nfl players suing for compensation in california, and many never played for a california-based team. >> what the nfl is trying to do is cutoff every avenue of benefits for the players. the only place they can file now is in california because they have a right to file here. >> this former giant player is an example. he played for three noncalifornia based teams over his six-year career in the nfl. over the six years he played just three games in california. he is one of three,000 retired noncalifornia nfl players flooding the california workers comp system with
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injury claims. but why file in california when they played for another state's team? >> there is a loophole in california law. >> mark fabiani is with the san diego chargers. >> trial lawyers who are creative figured out there was a loophole and thousands of thousands of cases were then brought into the california system that have no business being here. >> california's workers comp system is more generous than in other states and it is easy to file here. athletes don't have to point to a specific injury. wear and tear over the course of the career is enough, even if the athlete just played one game in california. nfl teams have insurance so the teams themselves and the insurance carriers pay the actual claim. but california taxpayers are on the hook too says state assemblyman. >> we have limited courtrooms and limited doctors and the boards that review the cases. that is all paid by us. >> the flood of planes is for all californians and especially for the pro sports
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teams. and the costs may get passed to consumers, and in this case sports fans. >> it raises the price of workers comp for the teams located in california who do in fact play mostly in california. because their costs are higher their ticket prices are higher. >> it is not just the nfl. retired none california athletes from baseball, the nba and the nhl are all filing for workers compensation in california. >> a tremendous hit. >> a study commissioned bay all four leagues estimates the total cost of workers comp claims filed in california by noncalifornia professional athletes will reach $1.2 billion. eyewitness news has learned that many players filed in their team's home state and then hit california too. >> in many cases they file in both states and they collect money from both states. it is called double dipping. anyway you look at it, it is a huge burden on california taxpayers.
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>> abc7 news. >> the assemblyman wants to close the loophole that draws so many to california and may take legislative action this year. >> all good things must come to an end including the 49er season and the weather. >> we had a great dry spell, but there is rain on the way. >> yes, there is. there is a long dry spell. we will see a little rain in here for the latter part of the workweek. live doppler 7hd is showing you a few high clouds moving to the south over the bay area. novato toward the golden gate bridge and now moving toward ocean beach. a good sign that things are starting to change a little in the atmosphere. we will wake up to some low cloudiness and also pockets of fog in the valley areas. check out the current temperatures. 39 novato and 39 santa rosa and 50 in antioch where the clouds are sitting. 47 fremont and san francisco 48 and we have 46 right now in san jose. here is a look at our forecast. as i mentioned low clmuds and pockets of dense fog overnight. look for midday
11:19 pm
clearing. we will see afternoon sunshine for your monday, and really enjoy monday and tuesday. the clouds will chicken up and then rain returns by the end of our workweek. and much colder temperatures. speaking of cold temperatures as you just noted, temperatures are already in the 30s. we will see them slip a few more . 36 for santa rosa. we will keep 40s around the bay area with san francisco 45 and 41 for san jose. the set up high pressure it has been with us the past four or five days bringing us the mild weather pattern. it will stay with us through about wednesday. after that the high starts to break down. i will go ahead and move ahead to 5:00 a.m. wednesday. you can see the clouds thickening up. this is worth taking a look at. it is mainly dry conditions on wednesday, but check out thursday. that's 5:00 a.m. thursday. you can see the showers just
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move across the bay area. they will stay with us off and on right through friday. so, yes, changes are a coming. enjoy tomorrow. hazy sunshine. 64 cloverdale and 58 san francisco. 61 livermore. san jose, low 60s there. hollister low 60s and 63 for santa cruz. folks, shear a look at the seven-day forecast. so monday and tuesday, terrific days. big changes start on wednesday and increasing clouds. rain is likely on thursday as well as friday and check out those daytime highs. we have been in the mid60s. thursday and friday only in the mid50s. mike niko will be here tomorrow morning and he will have an update. >> thank you, leigh. let's go back live to new orleans. our sports director larry beil is on the field at the superdome. unfortunately we lost, larry. >> yes, it is kind of a bummer, but i want to show you the difference between winning and losing the super bowl. shu is five yards away.
11:21 pm
the niners came up five yards short. takes you awhile to close out five yards these days. >> a little longer than usual. a complete package of highlights coming up, and we'll look at that
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dismie good evening, -- good evening, everybody. we are live in the superdome wrapping up super bowl 47 which 49er fans remember for the outage and then the surge and ultimately the disappointment. check out the highlights here. one harbaugh brother would leave the field thrilled and one would be disappointed. under two minutes left in the first half and third and 10 and joe flacco and the bomb to a wide open jacoby jones. it was a fair catch and jones gets up and loses to goldsten. third td pass by pack co. 21-6 after the first half. >> and jacoby jones against takes it deep in the end zone and finds room in the middle and he is gone. he tied an all-time record and 28-6 ravens. >> and then the power surge
11:25 pm
and the lights go out and the game delayed for 34 minutes. the delay somehow favored the niners. they got more composure and kaepernick to cab tree and 28-13 ravens. >> gore gets the ball and goes rushing into the end zone. a great fake by kaepernick. had everyone fooled. a one possession game and 28-20 ravens. >> then in the fourth quarter kaepernick would make super bowl history. this is the longest rushing touchdown by a qb. the two-point conversion failed. third and long for the ravens and flacco to tory smith and incomplete, but cul lie ver -- culliver is up five. >> under two to play and fourth and goal for the 49ers and kaepernick to crabtree and incomplete. jim harbaugh thought there should have been a penalty, but to no avail and the ravens hang on to win super bowl xlvii, 34-31. joe flacco was named the mvp
11:26 pm
of the game. >> like i told the guys, i am extremely proud of all that we have done up to this point. we have to look at this as a blessing. we didn't have to be here. we made it. and we always got next year. >> i think we was the better team. just happy the way we kept fighting. >> we know situations like this don't come so often. it is hard to get here and we beat some good teams to get here. we get to this point and it is rough. >> when we come back, shu and i will take a look at that last play, the last offensive attempt by the 49ers by the goal line. was it pass interference? what was exactly called in the huddle. >> and what jim harbaugh asked
11:27 pm
me after his press conference. stick around. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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superdome. sure there will be debate over the final series of plays for the 49ers, specifically the last call that was a fade to crabtree. that was a play that was audible at the line of scrimmage. >> they saw something they thought kaepernick could get the ball on the fade route to michael crabtree. three straight passes to crabtree and he had some contact . ed reid came over later and it looked like it was pass interference. it could have about, and there was no call. maybe the ball was uncatchable. but jim harbaugh asked me after his press conference, what did you see on tv, shu? was that pass interference. i said as a former receiver, i thought that was pass interference. now to michael crabtree. >> at the line, one on one and
11:31 pm
i felt like got to make that play. he had his hands on me. but i guess the ref said he made a good play. >> yes, there is no question in my mind that there was a pass interference and then a hold on crabtree on the last one. >> well, the play calling three straight passes to crabtree, i think you limit your options there by just going to one person. i think i would question that with coach harbaugh, but in the end the 49ers lose super bowl xlvii 34-31. >> especially when you have kaepernick on second down. he could have run to the 2 or the 1 or the goal line, but we'll never know. they end up five yards short. we'll be back with more later on in sports. abc7 sports live in new orleans. it is brought to you by river rock casino. dan and ama, back to you. >> thank you so much. still to come, a relatively calm night. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has been keeping an eye on things.
11:32 pm
>> despite the loss, 49er fans are still partying and cheering across the city while keeping it peaceful. a live report coming up. >> and fans in baltimore let loose after tonight's win. we'll update you on that city. >> and the amazing video from the united kingdom where this
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and this is a look at baltimore where fans are taking to the streets to celebrate the ravens' super bowl victory. this was earlier. hundreds of revelers blocked traffic and police on horseback are circling the crowd to maintain order. so far no reports of any major problems there. >> but we continue to watch that. here the city of san francisco is trying to keep the peace after the game. it seemed to have worked
11:36 pm
well. >> yes, abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is keeping track of the activity and joins us from chestnut street in the marina. cornell? >> their team lost, but the 49er faithful is still faithful in san francisco. here in the maureen gnaw district, the -- morena district the crowds were rowdy, but not out of control. >> the crowd went wild at the bar when the niners started coming back in the third quarter, but they couldn't pull off a win. >> i was impressed with the way they battled back. you win some and you loose some. >> a little bummed out. i was so close. >> the police were out in force and ready to control the marina fans, but things stayed peaceful. >> from the first ever sports bar high tops to mad dog in the fog. the 9er fans showed up to cheer. and when it was over this pedi cab driver was here to take
11:37 pm
people home even though he missed most of the game. >> it is not too bad. one of the good things about the job is you get to experience all of the shananigans and take care of people and bring them home. >> so far city wide san francisco police arrested 25 people for being drunk in public. very few problems here. one person was detained for having some illegal fireworks. live in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> very good to hear. >> san francisco mayor ed leigh will pay his -- ed lee will pay his bet. it will give a day of service 1k3* wear a ravens jersey and chow down on baltimore blue crab. they issued a statement that reads in part, tonight once again the san francisco 49ers thrilled the bay area with a spectacular performance. the entire team demonstrated what you can accomplish with enough percent veerns and teamwork -- perrer is veerns and teamwork. >> the fans focused on one 9er
11:38 pm
tonight. itturlock is the home of colin kaepernick and tonight they cheered on their hometown hero. they said there will be a party on his next big trip back. a grammy award winner set a record at the game. >> ♪ oh say can you see >> the national anthem also set a record for length. grammy winner alicia keys stretched out the anthem for 2 minutes, 36.4 seconds. that beat natalie cole's rendition by four seconds. vegas odds makers set the over-under at two minutes, 15 seconds. >> ♪ beautiful for spacious skies ♪ >> and a touching moment as jennifer hudson lead a chorus of 26 children from sandy hook, connecticut in "america
11:39 pm
the beautiful." 26 kids and adults were shot during a rampage in december. very touching moment. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the super bowl live from new orleans. we have you covered. we do have breaking news now. eight people are connish ifed dead and 38 -- confirmed dead and 38 went to hospital after a tour bus crash. the bus collided with a car and a pick up truck in a mountainous area of san bernadino county. it was in you could -- yucaipa. the bus driver reported having brake problems as it headed down the mountain. rescuers spent hours looking for victims in the wreckage. yucaipa is 70 miles east of los angeles. ?oi a hitchhiker is being credited with saving the life of a man hit by the driver who had given him a ride. it happened on friday in west fresno. a driver gave a hitchhiker a lift. the driver then said he was jesus christ and needed to kill black people. he then smashed into a pg&e
11:40 pm
crew pining one man between the car and the crew's truck and attacked two women trying to help. >> two women trying to help him. he runs up and grabs one of them. a guy that big can grab him like a pencil stick. he ran up with a hatchet and smash, smash, smash. >> he has a broken leg and he is in jail on a charge of attempted murder and $1 million bail. and the hitchhiker story is going viral. it already has 350,000 youtube views. one way or another, most of us have seen the changing of the guards outside buckingham palace. the guards unmoved by any distraction. but today the calm ritual was shattered by a man wielding knives. now a report from london tonight. >> reporter: chaos as the crowds were watching the changing of the guard at buckingham palace. a man came forward brandishing knives and one to his neck.
11:41 pm
when he refused to put them down police came forward with a taser. bystanders were amazed how quickly it unfolded. jay he tased him and threw him to the ground. >> reporter: tourists captured it on their cameras and phone. police say the man is believed to be in his 50s. so far they haven't released any other information about him or his motive. >> and we are told the queen was not home at the time and witnesses say the band played on as the chaos unfolded. no one was seriously injured. president obama wants the boy scouts to open up their membership to gay people. in an interview the president praised the scouts as a great institution and says no one should be bared from it. the boy scouts announced they considered replacing the longstanding ban on gays with a policy to let troop sponsors make their own decisions. >> a new study suggests it does get better for bullied gay teens. as they aged the bullying dropped off. by age 199% of gay teens -- by
11:42 pm
age 19, 9% said they were bullies. there is a growing intolerance for bullying, and the study appears tomorrow on-line on the journal pediatrics. the super bowl one of the biggest parties of the year, obviously, and that means a lot of hangovers common day. come monday. find out how many people are expected to call in sick tomorrow. >> not you. and it is the bowl everyone wins. i just love this. it is the puppy bowl. look at these cute titans of the gridiron. >> i am leigh glaser. everyone in new orleans will be flying back here tomorrow we'll look at some travel destinations for you. destinations for you. and look at our accu- [ woman ] don't forget the yard work!
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking.
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standard at citibank. note. workers are more likely to call in sick or come in late tomorrow more than any other day of the year. >> why? thank you, super bowl. one study estimates four million people will come to work late on monday. absences related to the super bowl are especially high among young adult. >> there is a bigger draw than super bowl for pet lovers. it is the puppy bowl. the lovable lineup is billed as the roughest game on four
11:46 pm
legs. cute puppies who play with chew toys until one makes it into the end zone. there is a winner of sorts and an mvp is chosen each year and a half time show and hedge hog cheerleaders round out the show. >> and there was no power outage. >> no, apparently everything was good there. >> although there was a little roughing the passer there. let's update the weather forecast. >> hi, everyone. the bay area is now starting to see a few high clouds. live doppler 7hd and looking for a cloudy start for your monday morning. new orleans early flights tomorrow and some isolated thunderstorms. 68 degrees and you will find snow in chicago and it is cold there. flying back toward los angeles plenty of sunshine and 74 degrees. we will look for mainly clear skies in palm springs. fresno warming to 66. 65 in sacramento tomorrow with the afternoon sun and 50 at lake tahoe. here is a look at my
11:47 pm
accu-weather seven-day forecast. some big changes weather wise expected especially as we get to the latter part of the workweek. we will go with morning clouds in the 60s. cooling begins on tuesday. and then the clouds will start to thicken up on wednesday. check out thursday. cold front will bring us rain. it will be a colder day as we head into friday with daytime highs in the midto upper 50s. we will dry it back out next saturday and sunday. there you go. >> excellent. leigh, thanks. now back to new orleans where abc7 news sports director larry beil is. we can see shu in the back under grow. -- in the background. >> this is what it has deteriorated to. shu thinks he can still catch. he is having a wardrobe malfunction. this is bad coaching. you lost your chance. never mind. we knew one harbaugh brother -- nice catch. one harbaugh brother was going to be happy and one was going to be sad.
11:48 pm
imagine being the parents watching this game. watching this game. jeremy, are you cut from the well, well, well.
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with a winded mike mike shumann. we have a few minutes of highlights here jie. playing a little two on two. >> the question we were wondering during the game was was this game too big a moment? was the super bowl too big for
11:51 pm
young colin p cayer nick? nick-. >> i think it was until the power outage, and then it seemed like another game after the delay. >> looking at the highlights it seemed like he settled down as shu mentioned after the 34-minute delay. we knew coming in there would be one harbaugh brother who was happy and one harbaugh brother who left frustrated. under two minutes left first half and third and 10 and joe flacco with the bomb to scow jaw kobe -- jacoby jones. jones gets up and it is 21-6 ravens at the half. >> baltimore opens it up with a bang and jones again takes the kickoff into the end zone. aloha. 108 yards and that is an nfl record, 28-6 ravens. >> and then the power goes out. a 34-minute delay. maybe it is settled -- maybe it settled the niners down because they came out on fire. kaepernick to crabtree and not to be denied and 31 yards and 28-13 ravens. >> frank gore then gets the ball and has six of his 110
11:52 pm
yards rushing into the end zone. a great fake by colin. had everyone fooled. 28-20 ravens. >> the fourth quarter and this is super bowl history. it is a cap on a 15-yard touchdown. two-point play did not convert. 31-29 and third and long for the ravens and flacco to tory smith. baltimore gets a first down and they kick a field goal and up by five. >> under two to play and fourth and goal for the 49ers. kaepernick throw itself to crabtree and it is incomplete. jim harbaugh thought there should have been a penalty, but to no avail and the ravens hang on to win super bowl xlvii 34-31 the final and joe flacco the mvp. >> we had several opportunities in the game. we didn't play our best game. the the ravens made a lot of plays. but our guys battled back to get back in it. competed and battled to win
11:53 pm
it. >> there is no greater competetor, there is no greater coach in the national football league or in the world as far as i'm concerned than jim harbaugh. the way that team played proves it. what they have done the last two years in the national football league is unprecedented. they showed it today the way they battled back and fought back in the end. that's who he is, and that's who they are, and i could not be more proud of him and what he has done there. >> now, no one play and no one player ever loses a game, but this game and this week was a nightmare for young chris culliver starting with his comments on the radio and finishing up as he was torched tonight. >> the hail mary pass and basically flacco threw it away. it was complete to anquan boldin and then the 56 yarder to jacoby jones and then the pass interference call. you have to wonder if all of the distractions affected him during this game. >>- q. i so a rough one, but the 9 -- >> a rough one, but the niners
11:54 pm
a quality team and expect to be bright, but it is disappointing. >> it has to be tough. you can see it in the players' faces after the game. the most disheartening loss in your history. they will be thinking about it until training camp next year. tough to take and tough for us to talk to these guys afterwards. it was brutal. >> they knead to shore up the secondary. that's got to be a concern. the general manager in the off season, throughout the playoffs the db's had problems. >> that and colin kaepernick like you said a little tentative to begin with and came back and threw for over 300 yards and had a great game. >> want to finish up with a couple of photos here. our crew of 11 lead by stephan and he doesn't need sleep. after the big shoutout we expect every vacationer request to be approved. and my new best friend! leroy
11:55 pm
adams who is the ultimate satellite truck operator in the business. we wept through every -- we went through every technical disaster during the course of the week. i don't know if he was the cause or the solution, but leroy, we love you, brother. that wraps it up from new orleans. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. bourbon street awaits, my friend. >> oh no! >> bourbon street will never be the same. larry, shu, wayne -- >> katie, all of the crew there. >> you guys could not have done a better job this week. you absolutely did us proud and the bay area proud. congratulations, bravo, you worked hard and it shows. >> now get back home. >> don't go to bourbon street. >> they should have a parade for us. >> that's true. >> don't hold your breath. >> that's it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching. we uh priesh yait you being with us. our news starts at 4:30 a.m. on monday. on monday. >> have a good there are two kis
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